But I Feel Celestial

My name is Jess. 22 years old. (Yes, that is me in my banner, I model for my photographer friends) I'm an art student. I love cats. I listen to a lot of indie music.I live in Pennsylvania, I've been vegetarian by choice since I was 4. I aspire to be a domestic goddess/ artist. This blog consists of anything I find appealing, funny, whatever I feel like. I have Lyme Disease, Feel free to ask me questions :) Peace & Love, Jess Also check out my Vegan recipe blog http://diaryofagfvegan.tumblr.com Jess Deegan
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  • He said to me, ‘You’re perfect,
    and I want you to be mine.’
    But I felt I wasn’t worthy,
    and to be perfect, I need time.

    I knew it would be worth it,
    and I could be better if I tried.

    Then he got tired of waiting,
    and I watched my chance go by.

    —    Lang Leav, “Perfect” (via feellng)

    I like you, A LOT. please just ask me out. idc if you’re a bit older.

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