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My name is Jess. 22 years old. (Yes, that is me in my banner, I model for my photographer friends) I'm an art student. I love cats. I listen to a lot of indie music.I live in Pennsylvania, I've been vegetarian by choice since I was 4. I aspire to be a domestic goddess/ artist. This blog consists of anything I find appealing, funny, whatever I feel like. I have Lyme Disease, Feel free to ask me questions :) Peace & Love, Jess Also check out my Vegan recipe blog http://diaryofagfvegan.tumblr.com Jess Deegan
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  • 10 Things To Know When Someone In Your Life Has Lyme


    A blog post by Lymeless & Lovely

    So someone you know is sick with Lyme disease. It could be a friend, a family member, a significant other or just an acquaintance. Whoever it is, you’ve got some questions.  Or maybe you don’t, but you want a better idea of what the heck is going on. This entry will hopefully offer some explanation, and can probably be applied to a variety of chronic illnesses.

    1. Lyme disease is an invisible illness.
    What does this mean? It means that when someone with Lyme is feeling absolutely horrible, they are likely looking no different on the outside than they do on one of their “really good days”. This disease (usually) doesn’t present itself with super obvious visible symptoms. Normally you won’t see a Lyme patient with their legs wrapped up in casts or with huge bleeding gashes on their bodies. Our symptoms tend to be more internal. Things like extreme fatigue/weakness, joint and muscle pain, dizziness, nausea, anxiety and brain fog aren’t necessarily easily detected just by looking at a person. It can be hard to understand how a person can be feeling so horrible when they look “fine”. Often times, they even seem to be acting fine! Which brings us to point number 2.
    2. Lyme patients quickly become amazing actors

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    dear incompetent doctor…i have chronic lyme disease. my exercise consists of walking around my house in yoga pants.  literally cannot do much else…

    you never really realize the amount of incompetent doctors until you have a chronic illness and no one knows how to treat you

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